Kimberbell Embroidery Stabilizer Light Tear-Away Precuts


Use Kimberbell Light Tear-Away on lightweight fabrics for low stitch count designs. Precuts are super handy for 5×7 hoops!

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Kimberbell Embroidery Stabilizer Light Tear-Away tears easily and neatly away from stitched areas and comes in a variety of weights. Use Light Tear-Away for lightweight fabrics with low stitch count designs, Medium Tear-Away for medium-to-high stitch count designs, and Heavy Tear-Away for designs with a heavy stitch count.

Tear-Away is ideal for tightly woven, non-stretch fabrics like cotton, denim, vinyl, leather, felt, terry cloth, and canvas. You’ll also want to use Tear-Away for designs with large, open areas. (Trust me, it can be a pain to pick Tear-Away out of tiny, intricate spots!) But for larger stitched areas where you don’t want stabilizer to remain, it’s so great to simply tear the excess stabilizer away. Oh, and if you’re wondering if unlabelled stabilizer is Tear-Away or Cut-Away (they can look alike!), then do the tear test: if it rips easily, it’s Tear-Away. Kimberbell Tear-Away tears in multiple directions.

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