February Renter Retrospective

image of Gina holding up her log cabin quilt

Can you believe that another month has passed us by? Where is the year going so fast? It is time for a renter retrospective. We got to see a lot of lovely quilts this month. I love the creativity of our renters. They always surprise me with what they bring in. There are so many great patterns out there, and then there are an infinite number of fabric combinations to do with them. It never gets old.

Art Deco Rulerwork

image of Carolyn holding up her art deco inspired quilt

Carolyn’s daughter-in-law wanted a quilt that was Art Deco. So Carolyn got online and found this fabric. It is lovely and definitely Art Deco. So for quilting she wanted to learn something new that she has never done before. She wanted to use rulers. We were able to find the perfect ruler that fit that elongated arc perfectly. This is the largest ruler from a set of 6” swag rulers.

close up image of Carolyn's art deco inspired quilt

The swag rulers we have are sets of four rulers that are all the same width, but with progressively larger heights. Used together you can create some very lovely borders for custom quilts. Used separately, we created a lovely elongated clamshell design that worked beautifully with her fabric. It gave it just the right amount of pop! Great job Carolyn, especially being it was your first time with rulers.

A renter retrospective with classic log cabin blocks

image of Gina holding up her log cabin quilt

What kind of retrospective would be complete without a classic block like a log cabin. This quilt was brought in by Gina. She made this gorgeous log cabin for a friend and then decided that the colors and everything were not quite right for that friend. So instead it’s being given to the dog groomer. What a lucky dog groomer!

close up image of a log cabin quilt

I love the colors! I think the mix of fabrics is perfect. She quilted this with Square Spiral, a popular pantograph we have here. It added a very lovely texture to this already lovely quilt.  

The Phases of the Moon and free motion

image of Erin's moon phases quilt

Erin has brought yet another quilt that I may have to make someday. This is a pattern called Clava from the website Miss Make.  Erin chose to use Ruby Star Speckled line to create her circles. I think it was perfect. It adds just enough interest to those large spaces without being distracting from the overall design.

close up image of Erin's moon phases quilt

To quilt this she decided to draw on the idea of these being the phases of the moon, so she covered it with craters. She drew large varying pebbles all over the quilt, which I think worked out perfectly. Don’t you?

Three yard quilt in plaid

image of Cheri holding up her plaids quilt

This last quilt was done by Cheri. This was made for her daughter-in-law for Christmas. She did the very smart thing of giving her a box of fabric with quilt options and allowing her to pick out which quilt she preferred. This is it. This pattern is called Town Square and it’s from Donna Robertson at Fabric Cafe. She makes these great patterns that take three one yard cuts of fabric. Unfortunately, the book from her that we have available does not have this quilt in it.

close up image of Cheri's plaids quilt

I like the colors and the plaid she chose. It has a very cozy vibe. Cheri quilted this with Seamless which is a great loopy meander. What a lovely gift!

Now that a new month has started, keep the quilts coming for our next renter retrospective. I can’t wait to see what March has to offer. We’d love to see what you have going as well. Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and share your quilts. We’re always inspired by what you show us.

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