Renter Round Up for 2021

image of a woman holding up a block of the month quilt at the Quilted Joy longarm rental studio

Another year has passed, we’re all another year older, and its time for another Renter Round Up.  It hasn’t been the year that we were hoping for, but it wasn’t all bad either. One of the things I am grateful for is having renters here in the shop.  We see such a wide selection of quilt tops.  All different difficulty levels and colors coming from lots of different people at many different stages in their journey as quilters. 

Here is a renter round up of some of the beautiful quilts that we saw this year. If you don’t see yours here, just know that it was impossible to pick my favorites and there were just way too many to share in one post.

Christmas Sampler between friends

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     This is either Jennifer or Anna Maria’s quilt.  These ladies are best friends and often come in together to quilt.  So who ever made it, you did a great job!  This is a fun Christmas sampler quilt. All the blocks are from Lori Holt’s  Vintage Christmas book, but Jennifer had fun playing with the border a little by adding the trees around as well as the bow on top.  She quilted it with the Holly Ribbon Pantograph.  It is a great holiday panto that is quick to learn and easy to go on.  Definitely a holiday favorite this year.

Judy’s Addition to the Renter Round Up

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This is the quilt from Judy Pope.  I’ve looked all over for the pattern name, but couldn’t find it.  It’s so pretty in its simplicity.  I love the pastel colors that match that border fabric so well.  I also like the quilting pattern she chose to use.  It’s one of my favorites.  It is called Keryn’s Bellflower.  I feel it’s whimsical and classic at the same time, sort of Pennsylvania Dutch.  

Two Tone Easy Hunter’s Star

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This is called an Easy Hunter’s Star by Spruce Crafts.  It was made by Diane this last fall.  There is something to say about two color quilts.  The lines come out so crisp and clean.  It makes for a very attractive quilt that is not too flashy.  She quilted this with a great panto called Calder.  It is a little bit modern and easy to learn.  

Look at all the points!

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Our Renter Round Up wouldn’t be complete with this one. It’s from Cheryl.  I believe she said it was a block of the month she did a long time ago.  We all have those projects that hang around a little.  It’s a beautiful Civil War era reproduction quilt.  Look at all those Half Square Triangles.  This would have been a real challenge to complete.  It is very lovely though, and Cheryl did a great job.  She quilted this with the Intelliquilter.  She chose a design called Chocolate Leaves which has some lovely swirls mixed in with the leaves.

Soft and Cuddly for Christmas

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This last quilt is the most recent.  This was made by Sherri from a kit called “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.  It is using the flannel line of fabrics Bonnie Sullivan created for Maywood fabrics called Snowy Days.  Isn’t it cute?  And cuddly!  It is flannel front and back.  Sherri quilted this with the Holly Ribbons panto.  It turned out great and will be a fun addition to her Christmas decor.  She’s keeping this one which is a unique thing for her.  She gives away most of her quilts to her children and grandchildren.  I have a feeling, they may ask for it anyway if she’s not careful.  

That was the Rental Roundup of last year.  As you can see 2021 did have some upsides if only with the quilts that we got to see this year.  Keep them coming ladies and gentlemen.  We love to see all the creativity and skill that our renters have. And from all of us at Quilted Joy, we wish you a prosperous and joyous new year.  May your bobbin ever be full and your rotary blades stay sharp!

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  1. All the quilts are gorgeous! Quilting adds so much.
    I just had to comment, because I have the same Civil War Tribute BOM… I had issues with the first block when I rec’d it (back in 2009 or 2010), so set it aside. Finally, last year I pieced 5 blocks. This is a challenging quilt, and I don’t think I was quite ready for it back when I got it. My BOM stuff came from Homestead Hearth in Mexico MO, and uses Marcus fabrics. Each month’s fabrics and pattern also came with a short story about the Civil War. Seeing the photos of the quilt has inspired me to get going and finish the darn thing!!

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