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Quilted Joy Clubhouse - Spiked Cathedral Windows and More

Did you catch our March 2021 Quilted Joy Clubhouse online meeting? 2021 is our year of grid designs! This month we looked at the spiked cathedral window and lots more! If you missed the livestream it’s available to watch (or re-watch!) whenever you’d like. Find it on the Quilted Joy Youtube channel or on the Quilted Joy Clubhouse page on our website!

Our main program for this month’s meeting was how to quilt spiked cathedral windows. Watch the video below to see Angela quilt these designs, and so much more!

How to Quilt Spiked Cathedral Windows

Over the last few Quilted Joy Clubhouse meetings, we’ve talked a lot about how to quilt the Cathedral Windows design. So during this meeting, we’re dressing them up a little bit with spikes! To quilt the spiked cathedral windows, we’re going to have our lady bug follow the same path we discussed in our January 2021 QJ Clubhouse meeting. If you’re not familiar with that path, be sure to watch the replay here!

In February’s QJ Clubhouse meeting, our lady bug went skiing between each hop. During this meeting, our lady bug does the hokey pokey between each hop! 🙂 We’re creating spikes in each section of our grid by peeking in and out between each curve.

To quilt this design, you could quilt it freehand or with a ruler. Angela generally would quilt this freehand. If you prefer quilting with a ruler, you’d probably like the Quilted Pineapple BFF ruler and the Quilter’s Groove Pro Mini. We like the BFF ruler for the lady bug hops. Both sides of this ruler are the same curve, so you can use either side of the ruler with the same effect. The Pro Mini ruler is a nice size for these small spikes!

Adrean’s Fabulous DIY’ed Studio

We always look forward to sharing our Looky Loo Studio Tours with you, and we were especially excited to show off Adrean’s fabulous quilting room! Adrean has a gorgeous, large, and bright space that we are all super jealous of. She and her husband have worked together to repurpose furniture and build new pieces to perfectly fit her quilting needs. We always love to hear about the supportive partners who help to make quilting dreams come true! Adrean has been posting lots of great photos of her quilting in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse Facebook group. You can find out more about Adrean at her Especially for You Quilts website, or follow her on Facebook or on Instagram.

New Arrivals at Quilted Joy!

Our newest additions at Quilted Joy were some gorgeous 108″ wide quilt backing fabrics from Ruby Star Society. These fabrics are a luxurious cotton sateen that’s silky, smooth, and a little shiny!

There are three different prints with large scale floral designs. We love all of them, and it’s so hard to choose a favorite among them. The Whatnot Hana in Goldenrod immediately caught our eyes. It’s hard to find wide backs in yellows, oranges, and golds and we’re always excited when we find one! If any of these fabrics have stolen your heart like they did the ladies at Quilted Joy, you can find them in our shop here!

How Would You Quilt It? Sheryl’s Magnolia Quilt

We’ve been talking so much about grid quilting designs during our QJ Clubhouse meetings, but it makes all the difference to see how you can use the designs on a quilt! Sheryl posted this quilt, called Magnolia, in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse on Facebook looking for quilting suggestions.

Sheryl's Magnolia Quilt

This quilt was the perfect place to use the curvy grid designs Angela shared during our February 2021 QJ Clubhouse meeting! Of course, at first glance there isn’t an obvious grid, or place for a grid in this quilt. But grid designs are truly the building block of so many free motion designs! Sheryl’s already finished quilting her quilt, and members of the Quilted Joy Clubhouse can see her completed quilt here!

Show and Tell

We love to wrap up the QJ Clubhouse meetings with a little show and tell. There are so many talented quilters in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse on Facebook and they share lots of amazing quilts. It’s fun to put a spotlight on their hard work!

The Quilted Joy Clubhouse live meetings occur on the first Wednesday of each month at 1pm Eastern. Our next Clubhouse meeting will be April 7, 2021 at 1pm Eastern/Noon Central and we’ll be looking at basic orange peel grid designs. If you’d like to watch live, you can find us on Facebook in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse or subscribe to the Quilted Joy Youtube channel to be notified about our videos. Don’t worry if you can’t join us live. The video will remain available on both Facebook and Youtube afterwards so you can watch whenever you want!

Hope to “see” you at the next live meeting!

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