Angela Huffman's Guide for how to Quilt a Feathered Wreath

Do you love the look of a traditional feathered wreath? It is elegant, traditional and adds a spectacular adornment to a quilt top. But, they can be intimidating!

Angela Huffman's Guide for how to Quilt a Feathered Wreath

Throughout this year we have been exploring feathers during each month’s Quilted Joy Clubhouse online meeting. We have recorded each meeting so you can go back and get some feathered goodness whenever you like!

During the November Quilted Joy Clubhouse meeting we explored how to quilt a traditional feathered wreath. Specifically, we focused on how to mark a wreath and prepare a block for a wreath. Then, we placed feathers on the outside of the wreath. Our December meeting will focus on adding feathers to the inside of the wreath.

Feathered Wreath quilted in Cynthiana quilt by Angela Huffman

To mark the area in which you wish to place a wreath you’ll need to mark three different sized circles. The outermost circle and innermost circle are boundary lines to guide you in how far to extend your feathers.

The interior middle circle is your actual stitched spine for the wreath. But what size circles do you need for a block? I’m glad you asked. Watch the lesson and then refer back to this chart for the circle sizes you need.

The inner and outer circles are marked. The middle circle is stitched. Don’t forget that the ruler foot on your machine adds a half inch to the middle circle size. So, the middle circle listed below is the size template you’ll need to stitch with but the resulting middle circle size will be one half inch bigger.

Feathered Wreath Size Chart

Block SizeInner CircleMiddle CircleOuter Circle
Don’t forget your ruler foot will add one half inch to the circle size you stitch around.

Watch the November Quilted Joy Clubhouse for all the details on using the chart above and how to place feathers on your wreath!

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