Colorful Quilts to Brighten Your Day

Tina's Rainbow Bargello Quilt

Have you ever noticed that your mood can actually change based on the colors you look at? There is actually a field of study called Color Psychology that looks into this exact thing. With all the gloom and craziness that this year has been, let’s look at some high energy, happy and colorful quilts to take us into fall. You’ll probably notice that no one is wearing a mask, even though we are all wearing masks. Don’t worry, these ladies came in to quilt before Covid.

Kaffe Fabric with Kathy

Kathy's colorful Kaffe Fassett inspired quilt

This is a great quilt to start with. Oranges and yellows are all about energy and pink is about tender feeling. Kathy brought us just that with this great quilt made with bright big prints from Kaffe. Don’t you just love the purple interior border that separates the pieced body of the quilt from the large colorful border on the outside? I think that was a great choice. She quilted this with a pattern by Hermione Agee called Kashmir. It is a beautiful design that is one part paisley and one part flower. It totally works with the feel of the fabric.

Tina’s Rainbow Bargello

Tina's Rainbow Bargello Quilt

Tina made herself a bargello. These quilts are reminiscent of needle worked chairs in the Palazzo del Bargello in Florence, Italy. Can you imagine the long stitches that would have made up this design? The bright rainbow colors are lovely as well. She quilted this with an orange peel design which just adds a lovely texture all over this colorful quilt. I especially like how she bordered it with that bold black border. It just frames it all so nicely.

Erin Helping Hands

Erin shows off her quilt after renting a longarm at Quilted Joy

The next three quilts were brought to us by Erin from House on Hill Road. She always does such lovely work. These were test runs for a friend who created the pattern. The fabrics in this colorful quilt are all vintage prints and the white background does make them pop really nicely.

Erin shows off her quilt after renting a longarm at Quilted Joy

Erin loves to free motion quilt all of her quilts and today was no different. She put some continuous curves in framing each medallion. What is a little harder to see are the continuous curves in the middle of the colored prints. She also added some additional petals to make a flower type shape in the center. Simple and incredibly effective. Well done, Erin!

Erin shows off her quilt after renting a longarm at Quilted Joy

This is also a quilt from the same design, though slightly different beyond just the fabric. Its large motifs are the same, but the sashing is different. Because it feels very arabesque to me, it reminds me of a screen that separates different areas in some exotic local. I also like the contrast of colors. The deep blue grey against the bright pink just works for me in this colorful quilt. This one was also quilted with free motion quilting a la Erin but with long undulating lines. They crossover and interlock to make a nice and gentle overall pattern that compliments the feel of the quilt perfectly.

This one made my day

Erin shows off her Free Wheeling Single Girl quilt after renting a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

I think this quilt may be my favorite of the bunch. This is “Free-Wheeling Single Girl” by Denyse Schmidt made by Erin Harris. As soon as I saw it, I knew what it meant. These circles are from a double wedding band that are no longer interlocked. I think it is hilarious! You still get the scrappy play of all the fabrics needed for a colorful quilt in a circle without having to worry about making them match up anywhere. Erin quilted this with lovely little corkscrew loops across. What a fun quirky quilt to give to your favorite single woman.

I hope these bright colorful quilts brought some elevation to your mood today. I always feel better after spending some time looking at beautiful things. Because we’d love to see your beautiful creations as well,  please connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and share with us the bright and beautiful creations you’ve made recently.

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