Longarm Renters Show Colorful Fabrics Filling a Plain Background

Colleen shows off her modern mountain quilt after her longarm rental at Quilted Joy

Quilts with bright beautiful colors are very common. If you are going to go through the trouble of making a quilt, why wouldn’t you chose some incredible colors to do it with? But the shapes you are sewing can be lost if every fabric in the quilt is equally bright and beautiful. It would be lovely to look at, but difficult to see. When your colorful fabrics are filling a plain background, they can really stand out. Check out what our longarm renters (from before the pandemic) did with bright and beautiful colors and simple white backgrounds.

Big Blocks for Big Stars

Valerie shows off her XL star quilt after renting a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

Valerie came in with this gorgeous star quilt. I’m not sure what the name of it is, but it is lovely. Large colorful blocks set against the common white background really help you see the star. The pantograph she used to quilt this is Toss Up, which is a whimsical flower pattern with lots of curves and swirls. It’s simple and elegant just like the top.

Disappearing Four Patch with lots of White fabric

Judy shows off her disappearing four patch quilt after renting a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

Judy quilted this disappearing four patch. These are simple to make and to such a great effect. I really like the use of the white in every block. It just ties everything together so nicely. She chose the Becker’s Shooting Star paper pantograph to finish it up. It just looks so bright and cheery, don’t you think?

Abstract Throw in lovely pastel colors

Colleen shows off her modern mountain quilt after her longarm rental at Quilted Joy

This modern abstract quilt was created by Colleen. The large swathes of white with the different sized triangles and diamonds really capture the eye. I like the use of all the solid fabrics with just the occasional stripe and polka dot. You can also spy the polka dot backing she chose. It allows all those colorful fabrics to float and fill the white background. The quilting pattern is Seamless, which just adds a nice meandering texture to the overall quilt.

Modern Blocks with floating sashing

Bill's Folded Corners Quilt after renting a longarm at Quilted Joy

This one is technically not a straight white background. You can tell that Bill used a couple shades of gray here. But the overall effect is the same. You can easily see the folded corners quilt block in different colors. I especially liked the use of the smaller squares in the sashing. Having the same background just makes them hang suspended between the blocks. Bill quilted this with a design board called Whole Lot of Bubbles. The circles just meander around the quilt, helping to break up and contrast so many straight lines.

Solid white fabric is plentiful and easy to come by. Other solids can also have the same effect, but white definitely allows the greatest amount of matching color. Do you have a quilt with lots of color and white background? Send us a picture or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, because we’d love to see what you’ve been working on.

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