Split Easy Patch Quilt by Ali

Ali's Split Easy Quilt, longarm quilting by Quilted Joy

I love Ali’s black and white split easy patch quilt. She dropped off this quilt at the shop for us to longarm quilt it and the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to have one just like it for myself. According to her, you don’t want to make one. All those little pieces were very intimidating, but I think she did an incredible job of it. It is balanced and very well made. It laid really flat and I didn’t have any problems with quilting it.

Ali's Split Easy Patch Quilt, longarm quilted by Quilted Joy

What’s a Split Easy Patch Quilt?

Essentially, it is just an easy patch quilt of black and white fabrics. We’ve seen plenty of black and white quilts before, but what makes this one different is the split. Ali took an abundance of small strips of colorful batik fabrics sewed them into the middle of each of the black and white squares. She then alternated the orientation of those strips.

Ali's Split Easy Patch Quilt, longarm quilted by Quilted Joy

The strips are also placed randomly in the center, not precisely. This adds a whimsical feel that I really like as well as making it a little easier to complete. Wouldn’t this make an incredible stash buster or a project to use charm packs or jelly rolls?

Paint splatter backing fabric for Ali's Split Easy Quilt

Onion Peel Quilting

She had us quilt it with an edge to edge design called onion peel. This was a great design with a lot of lovely texture. Because of all the lovely curves, it definitely added a lot of movement to this patch quilt with a lot of straight lines. A great choice, in my opinion, and a design that I’m adding to my list of possible designs for my own quilts. It’s also an easy design to free motion quilt, check out my video tutorial for the artichoke hearts design here!

Ali's Split Easy Patch Quilt, longarm quilted by Quilted Joy

In short, there is nothing about this patched top that I didn’t love. As difficult as Ali would have me believe that the split easy patch quilt was to make, I’m definitely going to try my hand at one. And for the record Ali, it’s your fault because you made this look easy. It is sooooooo pretty!

Ali's Split Easy Patch Quilt, longarm quilted by Quilted Joy

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