Longarm Renters Show Off Beginner to Advanced Quilting Levels

Starla's Slanted Star Quilt, quilted on a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

There are many things that I feel make quilting one of the best hobbies to have. What we make is very useful. It can even save a life from hypothermia! Can a cross stitch do that? I don’t think so. There is room for all levels. A beginner can make a lot of mistakes and still pull together something beautiful they can be proud of. While an advanced quilter can take the time to make every seam and intersection perfect and create something truly impressive. It is also a craft that allows you to take scraps and perfect one simple block and repeat it row after row to great effect. I think everyone can agree that the following quilts, as simple as they are, look amazing, and could be done by either a beginner or an advanced quilter.

Simple Idea, Advanced Execution

Erin's Checkerboard Quilt, quilted on a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

Erin created this beautiful top. This is a great stash buster because of all the different colors and prints. The beginner quilter would find the simplicitiy of the block something they could handle. The advanced quilter can enjoy the challenge placing of fabrics to maintain the checkerboard feel across the different colors. Erin loves to quilt free motion and this was no exception. She has created a large interlocking wishbone pattern using the piecing to help space out her loops. You can check out more of her quilts at her blog House on Hill Road.

Stash Busting Simplicity

Erin's Long Block Quilt, quilted on a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

This is also by Erin. It also would be great to use up some of the fabric that you have in your stash. The repeat is simple – long, short, repeat – but getting those intersections to meet so consistently is where the advanced quilter can really shine. The use of a different color that stands out and compliments the other materials is a great unifying touch. You might recognize the way Erin quilted this as well. That large interlocking wishbone is a beautiful quilting design.

Slanted Stars

Starla's Slanted Star Quilt, quilted on a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

Starla is another quilter that likes to quilt free motion. This is a design called Slanted Stars or Shooting Stars. Can you see the six pointed stars? It’s subtle. The block is so simple a beginner could tackle it, but getting all the seams to line up in those straight diagonal lines would keep an advanced quilter engaged. I like the use of blue prints in the centers and the solid green throughout for the points. It has a beautiful cohesiveness. She quilted this very simply. Each block has an echoed spiral in it. And because she was doing it all freehanded without rulers, each one is slightly unique.

Starla's Slanted Star Quilt, quilted on a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

Lovely Texture in Squares and Rectangles

Robin and Grace show off their quilts from the longarm rental certification class at Quilted Joy

These two ladies were buddies who came to do a longarm rental certification class together, so you’ll forgive me for not remembering who was Robin and who was Grace. The quilt on the left is bold and clean cut. Two fabric quilts often are. She chose to quilt it with a square spiral paper pantograph. It adds a lot of great texture without adding too much additional design to the top. The quilt on the right is also a lot of fun. The repeated narrow strips is a great alternative to the standard nine patch quilt. She quilted a design that does much the same thing as square spiral. Turbulence is a paper pantograph with curves rather than corners, but gives that same rippled texture. These ladies may have been beginners to longarm quilting, but everything looks advanced!

There is something for everybody in an art like quilting. Whether you are drawn to bright colors or soft textures, straight lines or curves, quilting has it all. You can practice a new skill or master an old one to perfection. Beginners to advanced quilters can find an outlet in quilting. We’d love to see what skills you’ve perfected lately. Be sure to connect with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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