Double Sawtooth Star Quilt by Pam

One of the things that I love most about my job is the chance to see the many beautiful creations quilters bring into my shop. Intricate piecing, meticulously done, can really stun and amaze. Other times it is the color palette and choices that they’ve made that appeals to us. And there are times when it is a little of both of those. This is one of those times. Pam has brought us a Double Sawtooth Star that I got to quilt for her. I think you will agree that it is something to behold.

The colors in a double sawtooth star

The first thing I noticed about this quilt is the colors. I’ve always been partial to the bold bright colors. And when you contrast them, like Pam has done, with a black, they just seem to glow out of the background. Batiks are also a real favorite of mine. They tend to be bold colors while offering some variance that softens them just enough. Pam has taken this intricate project and added just about every color in the rainbow. But it doesn’t read rainbowy. It’s just a bold and colorful Double Sawtooth Star Quilt.

Hitting the points in a double sawtooth star

The second thing I saw was the piecing. The pattern is made up of very familiar shapes. There are a lot of half square triangles and flying geese. What I love about them is the sawtooth in a sawtooth block on point. She’s staggered the columns so that every other row has a half block at the top and bottom. This makes the half square triangle corners make a zigzag line down the quilt with the sawtooth stars in the space formed between them. What’s even more amazing is that her points match! Whoa!

Quilting a double sawtooth star quilt

The last thing you see is the quilting. With everything going on in the piecing, it can actually be hard to see. She picked a real beauty, though, that adds to the whimsy of all those bright colors paired with the lights and black. She chose Curly Bubbles which is a series of circles with a curl in the center linked together with more swirls and curls. It is fun and light and looked great with the fabric patterns and designs already incorporated in this double sawtooth star quilt.

The backing she picked out for this piece was also spot on.  Whirlpools has the same swirled circles feel as the quilting pattern, and the Light Blue, one of ten colors we carry, is a great contrast to the black and bright colors of the front. It was the perfect finishing element.

Overall, Pam really hit this one out of the park. Every choice she made really added to the overall effect. On top of that, her execution was also amazing. There are a lot of points in a Double Sawtooth Star quilt and I think she may have hit every single one of them. The only downside for me, is that we rarely get to see them finished with binding.

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