T-shirts Galore Can Become Heirlooms

Purdue University Tshirt Quilt after Longarm Quilting Machine Rental

T-shirts as we know them came out sometime after World War II. Since that time they have grown to become a major part of our culture today. Do you know anyone who hasn’t at one time or another worn a t-shirt? Now a days, you can buy a t-shirt emblazoned with just about any company logo or location you can find. Is it no wonder then that at sometime in the 70’s and 80’s quilters started to look at t-shirts as a source of material? With T-shirts galore in every closet in America, there are bound to be some really great t-shirt quilts out there. What do you think of these?

T-shirts Galore Pat’s Way

Purdue University Tshirt Quilt after Longarm Quilting Machine Rental

A very popular theme for many t-shirt quilts is as a gift for a student or a graduate. This is a quilt by Pat for her niece. I’m guessing she went to Purdue University. Pat went with a traditional sampler method, but she included a twist. She added a shadow frame on the bottom and right side of each block. With the matching fabric in every block, the quilt seems very cohesive, which t-shirt quilts often aren’t. Pat quilted it in a very popular pattern for t-shirt quilts, a freehand meandered. There is a lot going on when you have t-shirts galore in a quilt. Additional pattern isn’t necessary. 

 T-shirts Galore Renee’s Way

FedEx Retiree T-shirt Quilt

Besides graduating from college, t-shirt quilts can make for a great retirement gift. Renee made this quilt for a coworker that was moving on to greener pastures. What is different about this quilt is that the t-shirts are donated by all the colleagues of the retiree. They also signed the shirts. So now he has a little something unique to remember each of his coworkers. Renee also used a meander.

FedEx Retiree T-shirt Quilt

Unlike Pat’s, this quilt is not made as a sampler. It is a little crazier than that. Renee cut each t-shirt to the size best suited for it’s design. With t-shirts galore though, you also have sizes galore and puzzling them together can be a challenge.

Firefighter Memorial Tshirt Quilt

This quilt was also done by Renee but the reason is a bit more sober. These are the t-shirts of a fallen firefighter that she used to make a memorial quilt for his children. What an awesome way to have a memento of their dad. He can still wrap his arms around them and keep them warm this way. Renee didn’t do a simple meander, though the effect is much the same. She finished this quilt with a paper pantograph we call Seamless. While a traditional meander may never cross over itself, this pantograph design has lots of loops.

With the exception of Renee’s coworker, the only down fall for these quilts is that they aren’t much of a surprise when you’ve had to ask for the shirts first. So start collecting your t-shirts. Once you have t-shirts galore, you too can create an heirloom of the adventures you’ve had.

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