Pastel Floral Quilt by Nancy is Beautiful in its Simplicity

Nancy's Pastel Floral Quilt

One of the great joys about what I do is the chance to see so many different quilts by so many different artists. I’ve seen everything from machine embroidered artwork, to hand stitched red work, from simple blocks to complicated mariner’s stars. Every quilt has a beauty regardless of the direction that the artist chose to take. Nancy’s Pastel Floral quilt is a simple quilt, but she picked out the colors masterfully as well as the quilt design.

Nancy's Pastel Floral Quilt

Nancy’s Pastel Floral Quilt

Nancy chose to create a simple block quilt with three different borders. She chose those colors wonderfully. This pastel floral quilt contains a sage green, french blue, soft rose, and light tan. Nancy placed the colors in a very balanced way. The rose color stands out the most, just like you’d expect from a red fabric. But while there is no distinct pattern to the placing, the rose is evenly spread out across the entire quilt and not pulled in one spot more than another. The triple border finishes this pastel floral quilt off nicely.

Nancy's Pastel Floral Quilt

35482-3 Bouquet Floral 108" Green Quilt Backing Fabric

For her backing fabric, Nancy found the perfect complement in this light green wide back fabric. I love how the floral and leafy prints on this fabric look similar to the quilting lines!

Flowing Floral

The name of the quilting design is Flowing Floral. When you have a very simple style of quilt, a more complicated quilting pattern can really shine. This quilting design is a beautiful abstract of floral shapes. You can make out a tulip, a silhouette of an hibiscus, and possibly a daffodil. Because of this variety, it keeps the quilt from being to overly flowery. It is subtle and lovely and perfect for this pastel floral quilt.

Nancy's Pastel Floral Quilt

Nancy's Pastel Floral Quilt

Whether you are a master quilter creating over the top designs with thousands of little pieces, or a newbie making their first log cabin, I love seeing everything that you can come up with. For inspiration, check out what some of the longarm quilting machine renters did with simple blocks. So let your creative juices get flowing and bring it in for quilting. I can’t wait to see what comes in next!

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