Three Fabulous Jelly Roll Quilts from our Longarm Renters

Kathleen displays her Jelly Roll Race Quilt with red, white, and blue nautical themed fabrics at Quilted Joy after her longarm quilting machine rental

Precut fabrics can be a lot of fun and a fast and easy way to add to your stash or make a gift. Jelly rolls in particular are great for beginner quilters or more experienced quilters looking for a quick project. There are lots of fun ways to play with those 2.5″ x 44″ fabric strips. Take a look at three fabulous quilts made from jelly rolls that were recently quilted by our longarm quilting machine renters!

Kathleen displays her Jelly Roll Race Quilt with red, white, and blue nautical themed fabrics at Quilted Joy after her longarm quilting machine rental

This is Kathleen’s jelly roll race. In this quilt you sew all your strips end to end until you have one really long strip of fabric. You then need to cut about eighteen inches off one end to ensure that your end seams don’t land in the same place every time. You then line up the two ends and sew them to itself. Cut it at the half point and press it open. Repeat that step until you have a rectangle you like. Once you’ve finished that, trim it up straight and square and you can add borders in matching fabric like Kathleen did.

9813XW-88 American Dreams 108" Red Fabric with cream stars

She quilted this with a pantograph called China Grove. It has a lot of curves and points which is a nice contrast to all the straight lines. She also found the perfect backing fabric in the 108″ American Dreams Red that nicely complements her nautical themed quilt. Kathleen is new to quilting and has been learning new techniques and styles. She bought precut fabric and has been making a lot of crib sized quilts specifically to learn. She doesn’t have a plan for any of them, but she’ll be prepared when the next baby shower comes up! I think we’re going to be seeing some great things from her in the very near future.

Trina shows off her Jelly Roll Quilt after the longarm quilting machine rental certification class at Quilted Joy.

This is Trina’s rental certification quilt. Technically it is not a jelly roll quilt. This is a piece of pre-sewn fabric that she found at a quilt shop. But I can imagine that if you wanted to recreate this you could use a jelly roll. The main difference between this and a jelly roll race is the diagonal orientation of the strips and each row is one solid fabric. She quilted it with a pantograph called Turbulance. This design has a couple of large swirls that repeat across the quilt. Like Kathleen’s quilt, the curved design contrasts the straight lines in her quilt top.

Kathleen's quilted Split Rain Fence Quilt with red, white, and blue nautical themed fabric.

Here’s another jelly roll quilt from Kathleen! You might recognize the fabric because it’s the same line of fabric as her first quilt. This is a split rail fence, though it is slightly modified from a typical split rail. She has a set of three fabrics to form a square. She then placed four of these similar blocks oriented the same way to create a larger block. Then these blocks are rotated alternately to get the more traditional split rail look. She free motion quilted this with straight lines, wavy lines, and circles. It’s fun to explore and try new things.

Close up of free motion quilting on split rail fence quilt with red, white, and blue nautical themed fabric.

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