Quilty Friends are the Best Friends!

Quilty Friends are the Best Friends!

You know that common exercise advice to bring along a friend because they’ll keep you accountable?  I think that same principle applies to quilting.  Not only do your quilty friends encourage you to keep working, they make it a lot more fun!  Meet my latest proof this sentiment is true: Mary, Charlotte, and Carolyn.  These three ladies came in for their rental certification class earlier this week and all three had a blast!

Angela teaches new renters how to drive the machine.

Carolyn's first quilt on the APQS longarm

Carolyn decided to use a design board for her first time ever using a longarm.  She chose a meandering jigsaw puzzle look for her quilt.

Charlotte's first quilt on the APQS longarm

Charlotte had a tough time choosing which of our many paper pantographs she wanted to use.  At first she wanted something flowery or leafy, but after getting her quilt on the frame she changed her mind.  She used a design called Turbulance, which has a repeating circular spiral design.  I think it contrasted nicely with her bow tie blocks.

Mary's first quilt on the APQS longarm

Unlike Charlotte, Mary saw the Square Spiral paper pantograph and knew immediately that’s the design she wanted for her jelly roll quilt.  I have to admit, Square Spiral is one of my favorites and I recommend it all the time.  It’s a simple design that beginners can pick up quickly and it’s not girly, so it’s a perfect choice for my more masculine quilts.

Quilty friends are the best friends!

You know the other great thing about quilting with your friends?  You have a few more people to “oh” and “ah” over your handiwork when you’re done! 😉

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