Some Good News and Some Bad News

Yesterday I drove up to the Cincinnati area to install an Intelliquilter system on a customer’s new APQS Freedom. I got to her subdivision and noticed that the whole subdivision was covered in rumble strips. I thought that was a little odd. Who covers the ENTIRE subdivision in rumble strips. They weren’t positioned every 50 feet. They were positioned every foot….

or so I thought.

When I got out of my car upon arrival I looked down and saw this.


Yeah. Those weren’t rumble strips I was hearing- it was a flat. AAA came and rescued me but it made the day much longer than it needed to be.

On the good news side…

Longarm quilting thread

Take a look at all the yummy goodness set out on the APQS showroom shelves for you! Don’t you just want to scoop them all up? Thread is candy! It will all be ready for you at the Grand Opening on Oct. 26. I hope you can join me!

10302 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, Ky 40299

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  1. Angela: i will not be able to make the grand openning, as we will be delivering the quilt you helped me with to florida. My Alaska children are here now & they love the quilt. You have inspired me to learn to quilt my creation .Recently i did stitch in the ditch. I have followed your blog to see your progress. You can be sure i will stop by when i get back. Best of luck.

  2. Angela,
    Best of luck with your opening this Saturday. I am sure it will be wonderful; wish I could be there.

    In the theatre, one would say “Break a leg.” so I’ll say “Break a thread!” 🙂

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