Pam’s Birthday Present Quilt

Birthday Present Quilt

Isn’t this Birthday Present Quilt wonderful? Pam made this with pink, black and white fabrics. I especially love the cow fabric.

She wanted the quilt to resemble birthday presents and we were both thrilled with how the Oodles of Doodles 2 pantograph looks stitched out on her top.

This is my new favorite panto and I got it from Digi-Tech. It looks wonderful and the pattern interlocks so you can’t see the rows.

Great quilt, Pam!

Okay- if you are squeamish don’t scroll down. My son got his stitches out. The 2 photos below are not bad but this is your warning.

Last week in PE class Rocketman crashed into the corners of the bleachers. He ended up with 5 stitches in a distinctive Harry Potter type pattern on his forehead. We went to the new Kosair Children’s Hospital in town and they were GREAT with him. There was absolutely no pain and they got us in so quickly. It is a fabulous hospital.

RocketMan got his stitches out and is healing up nicely. He’s treating it with scar cream but we’ll be calling him Harry Potter for a while.

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