Sarah’s Grandmother would be proud!

Sarah brought me this vintage quilt that she believes her grandmother made. I don’t know Chimney Sweep is the name of the block but I’ve seen this block used for autograph quilts. If you know the name of the block, leave it in the comments, please. (Thanks, Sarah!)
Sarah wanted this quilt to be custom and we selected a very classy looped diamond block and matching sashing design.
The pink cornerstones have a Terry’s Twist design and all of the blocks have stitch in the ditch work to define the quilt and give it structure.
Don’t you think Sarah’s grandmother would be delighted she finished this lovely quilt?


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  1. I believe the best name is "Chimney Sweep" although it may also be known as "Album". I have an old one that had been in my great-aunt's trunk and each center had names embroidered in them. I'm guessing the quilt I have is from the early 19-teens based on the few names I recognize. Sarah's got a real treasure there (same as me)! Sarah

  2. Yes, I have seen that one used as an autograph or friendship quilt when my sister was searching for the design she wanted to use for her sons' wedding sign-in "registry". It is just a great job and gorgeous results! Quilting brings life to a top!! Kari

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