Dr. Suess Baby Quilt

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CIH WSDr. Suess is in the house!  Isn’t this adorable? 
Her grandchild loves Dr. Suess but at the time the new line of Dr. Sues fabrics hadn’t come out. She decided to print scans from the books onto fabric and set that into this fabulous baby quilt. I love the inventive way she too the Cat in the Hat and put him into three different panels. CIH Center
CIH thing1

CIH back

This block of Thing One and Thing Two reminds me of a fun t-shirt set I saw once for twins. I never did see something similar for triplets, though.

The backing of the quilt was a luscious red minkie. I used the double bubble edge to edge pattern in a white thread with Hobbs 80/20 batt. Sooooooo snuggly!

Green Eggs and Ham? Why, yes, Sam I am!

CIHfishBelieve it or not I have a sweatshirt with One Fish, Two Fish embroidered on it. I wore it all the time when my kidlets were small. I think I’d really embarrass them now if I wore it out. They are in the beginning stages of the “Stop it, Mom! Everyone is looking at us weird!” phase.

CIHhortonSpeaking of angst, this panel of Horton the Elephant always brings up my childhood traumas. My maiden name was Horton and I was teased mercilessly as a child due to this elephant. I can still hear, “Here’s comes the elephant! Don’t sit on me elephant girl!  Horton, where’s your egg?”
Yeah, Dr. Suess and I have our issues. 

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