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Use a program like Photoshop to audition different design ideas - QuiltedJoy.comEve is a member of my online quilting guild and one of the nicest people around. She is also one of the top two applique artists I know personally. Her work is just stunning.

I am in the process of designing the quilting for her phenomenal Santa applique quilt. She did all of the applique by hand and her work is impeccable. Unfortunately, Eve had a stroke recently, and this type of applique has become more difficult for her.

I approached her last summer and asked her if she’d allow me to quilt her heirloom Santa quilt and she said yes.  I’ve been playing around with some designs for it and I thought I’d share the options I sent her way recently. Take a look and think about which approach you like best.

 Use a program like Photoshop to audition different design ideas - QuiltedJoy.com
Quilting an applique top involves a lot of decisions that need to be cleared with the owner first. I always ask my applique clients if it is okay if I add quilting lines to their applique. The need to give me permission before I will stitch on their hard work. Fortunately most agree and I think the ability to add definition to an applique piece through the quilting line is critical. It adds that third dimension to the applique and helps secure those sometimes large areas to the quilt surface.
Use a program like Photoshop to audition different design ideas - QuiltedJoy.com

The other big decision is about the background filler behind the applique. I drew up some choices for Eve on my computer so she could visualize what I was talking about and give me her feedback.

Use a program like Photoshop to audition different design ideas - QuiltedJoy.com

First I did a traditional cross hatch which is always nice but, in my opinion, can get a little predictable. I also toyed with pebbles which reminded me of snow.

That led me to swirls which reminded me of a winter storm.

Finally, I tried out curls and added the proposed quilting lines to the applique. Keep in mind I wouldn’t use a white thread over her applique. 🙂

But can you see how Santa’s body and the structure of the applique come to life with just a bit of additional quilting lines to bring it into that third dimension?

Okay, which background filler do you like?  I’ll tell you soon which one spoke to Eve. 🙂


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  1. This post is a great help to me as I have been trying to make some decisions on how to quilt my Millennium Quilt which has lots of applique.
    For Eve's quilt, I love those little curls and the dimensional stitching really does make a difference as you point out. I like all the designs, in fact, but the curls are my favorite with the pebbles being second.
    I'll get in touch with you about the LA class, I haven't forgotten … thanks.

  2. I liked the swirls before I saw the curls! I think the curls give the impression of gusty wind w/filling in too much. I'm just about to order a Wacom Bamboo Fun pad. I'm anxious to try my hand a 'doodling' my designs. Thanks for showing us your choices!

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