Gingerbread Houses of Christmas Joy

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Kidlets building Gingerbread Houses - QuiltedJoy.comKidlets building Gingerbread Houses -
Kidlets building Gingerbread Houses -
Kidlets building Gingerbread Houses -

I know Christmas is over but I wanted to share some photos of the Gingerbread house my kidlets made Christmas Eve. One of my BFF’s, Juliet, sent a gingerbread house kit and it took all the stress and mess out of making this memory with my kids.

The kit came with a stand that held up the sides of the house really well and the icing was already perfectly made so it could hold it all together. My kids really enjoyed all the candy bits and decorated it with care.

This Christmas RocketMan pulled me aside and whispered to me that there was something they wanted to tell me about Santa.  Then he got quiet and seemed to think really hard for a moment. He said, “Well, Mom, I think we’ll keep it a secret until we are 13.”


Kidlets building Gingerbread Houses -







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