The Thread Fairy Visited!

When you are a quilter you tend to become a fabric collector too. Suddenly your stash overflows and you start to wonder if you can enter a fabric shop without adult supervision.  🙂

However, no one warns you that when you become a longarm quilter your thread stash suddenly explodes. How can anyone resists all those yummy colors and combinations of variegated and metallic? Every shade of blue and green? Thick thread, thin thread, mono-filament thread?

I must confess, I have become a thread addict.

The thread fairy visited!Here’s the box that my UPS man brought to me.

The thread fairy visited!

Peering inside I can hardly stand it. The intoxicating colors and sheens make me lightheaded.

I get them out and appreciate them one by one.

The thread fairy visited!

I used to have one tiny drawer of thread. Not anymore. But I’m not complaining.


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