GooseyGirl Made a Tote Bag! (Tips on Sewing with Children)

Emily modeling her original tote bag

GooseyGirl and I spent a day in the sewing studio together making this cute tote bag.  She cut and sewed it all!

I absolutely LOVE spending time sewing with her.  Her favorite color right now is lime green.  She picked out some complimentary fat quarters and used hot pink thread (is there any other kind?).

One of the best things I got for her is this Rotary Cutter/ruler that has an embedded blade in the handle. It is called a “Sew Easy Ruler Cutter.” I’m sure your local quilt shop could order one for you. I got mine through Checker’s Distributors, a sewing notion wholesaler; if your quilt shop uses Checker’s, I highly recommend that you order one!

Emily's original tote bag

Recommended tool: ruler cutterAll GooseyGirl has to do is grab the knob, push down and slide the handle forward.  The blade comes out under the ruler and cuts the fabric.

There isn’t any way her little fingers can get in the way of the blade. I love that it is safe and it allows her to do all the fraction math/ruler work that brings basic math into the sewing room.

If you are sewing with kiddos, I highly recommend this product. I looked all over for a link to the product and I found this shop but I think it is in Australia.  Or Donna Dewberry makes a smaller one but I have never used it so I don’t know that I’d recommend it over the one I have.

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