Baby Quilt with Hearts & Bow Tie Memorial Quilt

Karen's Madeira Heart quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

Karen’s heart quilt was my focus today.
First I imported a photo of her quilt top into photoshop. Then I began drawing on the quilt so I could audition quilting motifs.

Karen's Madeira Heart quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

Here’s what I finally came up with. I still have to work out the border motif. I’ll post that when I get it done.

I’m using a white thread in the top and bobbin that is skinny so it sinks into the top which gives great definition to the Quilter’s Dream cotton batting.

Karen's Madeira Heart quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

Karen will be teaching this easy and striking quilt in late January at the Smocking Shop in Louisville. If you can, sign up for her class. She is one of the best teachers in Louisville! And, then… you’ll see this top in 3D at the class!

After Karen’s quilt is a commissioned memorial quilt I’ve been asked to create from the silk bow ties of a father who was, obviously, loved dearly. He died in his nineties and everyday of his life he wore a silk bow tie.Memorial tie quilt
These aren’t the pre-tied ties either. These are the real deal and there are some phenomenal silk ties in the heap.

I have designed a quilt using these ties as the focus fabric. It is going to take a lot of time, labor and effort to get these bow ties deconstructed and pieced together. But what a wonderful heirloom it will be!

My client has asked me to make this as a Christmas gift for her brother. Won’t it be a touching present? Follow along in the next week or so as I create a tribute to a man who left a big heart imprint on many he left behind.

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  1. Hello! I am just beginning to get quilting lessons and really can appreciate the quality work you’re doing here. I love the baby quilt – haven’t seen a heart done that way yet.

    Can’t wait to see the tie quilt when it’s finished. Thanks for posting your work as you go so we can all learn from you!

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