Lone Star Quilt Happy Dance

Lone Star Quilt

Susan’s Lone Star is complete! I took some closeups of it today.

Lone Star Quilt

I put curling feathers reaching out into each of the Lone Star points. The feathers add a rich texture to the center of the quilt. In the setting squares, I used squared-off feathered wreaths that look quite sophisticated. The large outside border has switchback feathers and a folded ribbon border on the far outside edge. The eight point stars have feathers in each point with curly q’s coming out into the corner blocks.

Susan pieced this quilt over a number of years. When she handed it to me she said, “Here’s the result of my entire quilting career.” Talk about pressure! She did a beautiful job on it. Truly an heirloom.


Lone Star Quilt     Lone Star Quilt

This incredible Lone Star quilt was meant to honor her husband’s grandmother’s thrifty patchwork skills and is entitled “Memories of Mamma.”

This is one of the things I just love about being a longarm quilter – I can link generations through my work. What a humbling task; and I get a kick out of it! Now I just have to box it up and ship it to her. I wish I could mail myself in the box and deliver it personally.

Lone Star Quilt

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  1. Dear Angela,

    I thought your quilt was beautiful and I want to do something similar, but in slightly different colors. I want it for a queen size bed with a pillow top and then have 2 shams to match quilt. Where did you get the pattern? I am having trouble finding a pattern. I liked the Lone Star Trip pattern a lot too, or even the Lone Star Log Cabin pattern.

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