Cupcakes 1 Dozen


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Cupcakes 1 Dozen

100% cotton, 12 Fat Quarters of quilt shop quality fabrics totaling 3 yards styled into cupcake form but ready for ironing and use in your next quilt. Adorable and useful!

Served up in a clamshell box freshly baked for gift giving.

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Once upon a time, in the enchanted realm of Textilia, there existed a magical seamstress named Celestia. With her needle and thread, she wove extraordinary tales through fabric and color. One fine morning, the mischievous pixies delivered twelve bundles of fabric to her cottage, resembling delectable cupcakes. Each bundle, known as a “fat quarter,” was a bewitching concoction of enchantment.

Together, these twelve fat quarters were served in a lovely gift box adorned as the greatest non-fat confection the world has known. All cupcakes are crafted from quilt shop quality fabrics and after a touch of the iron will be ready for the next quilty project. In the mean time, these Fat Quarter cupcakes will enchant those who receive them for any gift giving occasion. In total there are 3 total yards of fabric that any sewing enthusiast will love having. These cupcakes form a patchwork of whimsical tales waiting to be stitched into existence, granting Celestia the power to create the most marvelous quilts known to the fairies of Textilia.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in
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