Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder Turquoise


The Zikel magnetic holder (pin cushion) makes it super easy to store all your pins!

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The Zikel magnetic holder (pin cushion) makes it super easy to store all your pins! The holder is a giant magnet that will attract any metal object. Unlike other magnetic holders, the Zirkel magnetic pin holder repels and separates items to the edge in a fanned out or starburst pattern. With all your pins nicely separated, it’s easy to quickly pick one up and get going again. It’s functional as it is fun!

My favorite part is how easy it is to make sure all the pins have the pointy side toward the center. If you drop your pin with the sharp side down towards the holder, the sharp side will stay in the center of the holder and the head will stick out along the edge.

If you’re a little clumsy and tend to drop your pins, you’ll no longer be digging through the carpet trying to find your pin before the cat does. Hover your Zirkel magnetic pin holder over the area where your pins fell and the magnet will attract and pick up all of your pins!

Are you pinning your backing fabric to the canvas leaders on your longarm quilting machine? The Zirkel magnetic pin holder will cling to the metal bars on your table and your pins will be easily within reach while you pin and when you unpin your finished quilt.

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Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

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