Sweet Bees Double Border Fabric Yardage

$11.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: SB20361-100
Part of the Sweet Bees Collection designed by Susybee for Clothworks
100% cotton, Approximately 44″ wide
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Embark on a journey through the realm of textiles, where dreams and threads intertwine, and witness the enchanting “Sweet Bees Double Border” Fabric Yardage. Crafted by the conjurer of design, Susybee, in collaboration with the gifted artisans at Clothworks, this fabric is a spell woven from childhood dreams. Imagine a tapestry where the sun dips its golden brush into rivers of honey, painting a world where flowers bloom in harmony with the hum of tiny wings. On each side of this fabric, a cascade of sweet bees flit amidst petals that gleam like gemstones, weaving a border of pure enchantment. The air is alive with whispered secrets exchanged between flowers and bees, promising tales of adventures yet to unfold. This fabric, like the robes of fairies, holds the power to transform, making it the perfect canvas for crafting aprons and dresses that carry the magic of nature’s embrace, inviting little ones to dance through meadows of their own imagination.

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