Spring Chickens Freesia Chicken Wire Fabric Yardage

$9.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 10231-81

Part of the Spring Chickens Collection designed by Patrick Lose for Northcott.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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Spring Chickens Freesia Chicken Wire Fabric Yardage, a mesmerizing creation by the visionary Patrick Lose for Northcott, takes us on an enchanting journey through a realm of whimsy and wonder. Picture a fabric that unfolds like a secret garden, where the vibrant freesia-hued chicken wire design weaves its magic. This intricate wirework resembles a lattice of dreams, connecting the past and present.

As you trace your fingers across this fabric, it’s as if you’re reaching out to touch the threads of imagination itself. The freesia tone, like the first rays of a golden dawn, breathes life into the very air, while the chicken wire dances in playful patterns. It’s as if it’s whispering secrets from a fairy-tale world, inviting you to step through into a land where the extraordinary and the everyday merge.

Spring Chickens Freesia Chicken Wire Fabric Yardage is a textile tapestry that conjures the essence of hidden enchantment, where every fiber is woven with the threads of magic, and every glance reveals a new chapter of whimsy waiting to be explored.

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