Feelin’ Frosty Blue Snowflakes Flannel Fabric Yardage

$12.49 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: F10305-44
Part of the Feelin’ Frosty Collection by Patrick Lose for Northcott Studios
100% cotton, Approximately 44″ wide
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In a realm where winter’s embrace knows no bounds, behold the ethereal wonder of Feelin’ Frosty Blue Snowflakes Flannel Fabric Yardage, a creation brought forth by the whimsical imagination of Patrick Lose, in harmony with the artisans of Northcott.

As soft as a whisper and as delicate as a snowflake’s kiss, this 100% cotton fabric unveils a dreamscape of enchantment. Delightful blue snowflakes, each one unique in its intricate design, twinkle against a backdrop of celestial hues. They dance and twirl in a joyful ballet, swirling through the frost-laden air with a grace that only magic can bestow.

With every stroke of your hand, the fabric comes alive, as if infused with the very essence of winter’s enchantment. As you sew, the fabric weaves its spell, transforming your creations into portals to a world where snow fairies frolic and woodland creatures share secrets amidst snowy meadows.

Embrace the Feelin’ Frosty Blue Snowflakes Flannel Fabric Yardage and let its whimsy guide your artistic journey, where stitches become whispers of imagination and each creation unfolds a tale of pure magic.

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