Kitty the Cat 36″ x 44″ Panel


Item/ Color #: SB20390-100
Kitty the Cat 36″ x 44″ Panel
Part of the Kitty the Cat Collection designed by Susybee for Clothworks
100% cotton

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In a realm where fabric becomes enchantment, immerse yourself in the tale of Kitty the Cat 36″ x 44″ Panel, a bewitching creation by the sorceress of design, Susybee, in collaboration with the magical weavers at Clothworks. Within this realm of stitches and dreams, seven jubilant kitties, fur aglow like moonlit silk, dance upon a verdant lawn that stretches beneath a sky painted with hues stolen from a rainbow’s embrace. Amidst this whimsical tapestry, birds flutter as living notes of an eternal melody, and bees hum secrets known only to the flowers. The air is alive with giggles and whispers, as feline paws chase sunbeams and tails brush against the secrets of the universe. Let this panel grace your world, where wonder and imagination entwine like ivy, and where every stitch holds the promise of enchantment anew.

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