Natural Muslin 200 Count 120″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric

$15.49 Per Yard

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Designed by Moda Classic for Moda

100% cotton, 120″ wide

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In the heart of a realm where imagination dances with the threads of reality, emerges the “Muslin Natural 200 Count 120″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric” designed by Moda Classic for Moda. Like the whispering winds of an ancient forest, this fabric is a tapestry of pure, unadorned magic, woven in the soft embrace of nature’s hues. With a thread count of 200, each fiber is a story untold, a promise of intricate tales waiting to be stitched into existence. Spanning a remarkable 120 inches, it unfolds like a path through a mystical woodland, inviting the touch of dream weavers and storytellers. As if imbued with the wisdom of ancient spirits, this natural muslin fabric cradles your quilting dreams, letting them blossom like wildflowers in a sunlit glade. It captures the essence of simplicity and elegance, a canvas for creations that echo with the timeless enchantment of a fairy tale.

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