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I’m Angela- Triplet Momma. Quilter. Co-Host. Traveling Educator. Designer. Thread Bimbo.

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Taking a little break

  It’s summer time and I’m swamped! If you saw me right now I could show you every paint color for every room in our

GooseyGirl’s Headboard

We are working on painting our new house and GooseyGirl wanted to paint her room lime green. After I pulled my eyebrows down off the

GooseyGirl got a ribbbon after all!

We were just notified that GooseGirl was awarded a teacher’s ribbon sponsored by Cathy Franks! Hooray!  She was so sad when she didn’t place and

Back home at last!

I spent last week in Cincinnati working in the APQS booth at the HUGE quilt show in the convention center. Before the quilt show my

Kidlet’s Invention Convention

At school this year they have an Invention Convention which serves a bit like a science fair but gives the kids lots more creative choices.

Chicago Trip Scrapbook Page

I did a digital scrapbook page for the class I’m taking about our trip to Chicago during the severe wind storm of 2008. School was

Snow Aliens Digital Scrapbook Page

Here’s my latest digital scrapbook page that I made in the class I’m taking over at She is calling this “free style”. Once again,

BirdMan’s Quilting Entry

My kidlets have decided to enter a national quilting competition. The prizes include a Wii, digital cameras and MP3 players. I’m pretty sure that the prizes

Birthday Wishes

I thought you all might get a laugh out of the birthday card I got from GooseyGirl a few months back. (I’d misplaced the card

Peggy’s Scrap Basket

This is a fun scrappy quilt that Peggy made with wonderful bright fabrics. I find that brights and batiks follow me home from the quilt

Mother’s Day Fun

I thought I’d share these photos of my Mother’s Day celebration with my kidlets. First, GooseyGirl informed me that we should have a new yearly

My 8th Photo

My friend, Allison, at Act of Sweetness posted this activity, which is currently floating among bloggers. Here are the directions: Go to your photo files,

My Triplets Turn 11 Today!

Happy Birthday to my kidlets!  They turn 11 today and are the source of so much joy in my life!  That’s BirdMan on the left,

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