How do you choose thread color for a quilt? What does the weight of a thread mean? Which brand of thread is best for a longarm machine? There are so many things to know about thread and Quilted Joy is here to help! Check out our in depth articles all about thread!

Quilters make many choices when quilting their quilts. Here, Angela discusses how to pick the perfect thread to quilt a high-contrast quilt.

Which Color Thread Should I Use in High-Contrast Quilts?

Question from a Quilted Joy Blog reader: Recently, Kelli contacted me through the contact form at to ask for advice on choosing quilting thread for high-contrast quilts. I was hoping you could discuss in your blog thread choices for high contrast quilts. I keep getting red and whites, black with various colors but also white,

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Quilting with Invisible Threads

Have you tried quilting with invisible threads? If you haven’t yet, you might be surprised by them! Invisible or monofilament threads have a bit of a bad reputation. They used to be heavy, stiff, and super strong. The invisible threads of today are still strong, but they’re softer, thinner, and

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Discover the "Top 5 Glide Thread Colors of 2018 from Quilted Joy"

The Top 5 Glide Thread Colors of 2018

Recently we got a great question from one of our blog followers. They wanted to know which colors of Glide Thread were the most popular thread colors of 2018. So, I went back through our records and found our Top Five Glide Thread colors over the last year. Why I

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Premo-Soft Thread

Introducing Premo-Soft Thread!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time or taken a class with me, you’ve probably heard that I’m a bit of a Thread Bimbo! While some quilters collect fabric, I love to collect thread. I want all the colors, in all the weights, and all the sizes! Today

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My Favorite Prewound Bobbin for Longarm Quilting

Prewound bobbins are a hot topic among machine quilters. Everyone has their own opinion about them – some people love them while others won’t touch them. Personally, I love prewound bobbins! It’s hard to beat simply reaching into a box and pulling out a perfectly wound bobbin. Here in the

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