Wide Back Packs v. Wide Bitty Back Packs: Which to Use When

3 Yard Quilt Back Packs Available at Quilted Joy

Quilted Joy has always carried a variety of wide backing fabrics. At last count we have over 160 different 108″ wide quilt backing fabrics!  That is in addition to the over 400 bolts of regular width 45″ wide quilt fabric! Can you tell we love petting fabric? 🙂 Of course, we love using 108″ wide […]

Susan’s Wonderful Fall Colors Quilt

Fall Colors Quilt. Quilting by Quilted Joy

Susan appears to love fall colors, judging from this quilt! The fabrics look like they’re from a designer named Sandy Gervais who designs gorgeous collections for Moda. She almost always includes teal in her collections. The piecing in this top is very simple, and the quilting needed to be simple, too. Susan opted for an […]