Nancy’s Vintage Double Wedding Band Quilt is a True Classic

Nancy's Vintage Double Wedding Band Quilt

Have you ever heard of an Ohio Star? How about a Nine Patch? There are a lot of different quilt blocks that have fun names. Some have more than one name, maybe because they were created by different people around the same time. One of these famous quilt blocks anyone would recognize is the Double […]

Anita’s Vintage Inspired Pinwheel Block Quilt

Vintage inspired pinwheel block variation quilt in cream, green, and orange colors

When we talk about classic quilt blocks, I feel like you can never leave out the pinwheel block. I see this block in so many quilts representing so many different styles. And I’ve loved seeing the block evolve as quilters play with lots of different variations on the pinwheel. Today I wanted to share with […]

Three Memorial Quilts from our Longarm Renters

Hand embroidered blocks on a memorial quilt for a school

Some of us are hoarders. We like to keep things that have long past their usefulness. But how do you throw away something that reminds you of happy times? How do you throw away something you’ve held onto for decades? Some of us just can’t do it. But then the question is what do we […]

Floral Quilts are Blooming!

Margie's floral quilt was a gift for a young woman going through chemotherapy

Flowers are blooming here at Quilted Joy. Floral motifs are so popular with fabric designers, so it is not uncommon for us to see many beautiful quilts sporting a floral design. They can be as unique and elegant as there are unique and elegant blossoms in the world. Here are a handful of some of […]

Anita’s Vintage Hankie Quilt

Anita made a beautiful Vintage Hankie quilt and brought it to Angela Huffman for machine quilting. She needed to find the perfect backing fabric and quilting design for it.

Anita is quite the piecer, just a few weeks ago I shared her Sunny Skies quilt with you. Today I have another quilt by Anita but this one has a totally different feel. How sweet is her vintage hankie quilt? Anita said this was one of her UFOs (UnFinished Objects) sitting in a closet for […]

Tina’s Floral Cross Stitch Quilt is Finally Quilted!

How long do your quilts wait to be quilted? Tina's floral cross stitch quilt waited 40 years to be quilted. We finally gave her quilt its day to shine!

What’s the longest you’ve had a quilt wait to be quilted? 10 years? 20 years? How about almost 40 years? Tina said she bought this cross stitch quilt kit back in the 1970s and started working through the cross stitch, but then life got in the way. Since then, it’s been stored in boxes and […]

LeMoyne Stars from Tracey

LeMoyne Star Quilt

Take a look at Tracey’s beautiful LeMoyne star quilt! It had all of us swooning in the shop while it was here. What do you think of the way she framed the main LeMoyne star with partial stars? I haven’t seen a variation like that before. Does anyone know if this particular version has it’s […]

Marjorie’s Cross-Stitch Quilt

Cross Stitch Quilt

  Every so often, a customer brings me a stamped cross-stitch top to quilt. These quilts often have been sitting in closets for years, waiting for attention, and it’s time to give them the love they deserve! Marjorie’s top was 100″ by 100″ with the more recently added borders. She was so delighted to get […]

Renters Getting Those UFOs Quilted!

Longarm Quilting Machine Renters at Quilted Joy

I love seeing our renters finish their tops into quilts.  Sometimes the most satisfying finishes are the projects that have been on hold for a while, years or even decades.  Here are a few of those recent projects – enjoy! Renee brought in this vintage top that was pieced by a family member.  It is made […]

Lots of Renter Activity!

Here are a few more of the amazing quilts our renters have quilted recently here at Quilted Joy. Come and see what they've been up to!

One thing we love here at Quilted Joy is the huge variety of quilts our renters and customers bring in.  We love the colors, the styles, and the stories behind the quilts – and every quilt is different. Margie quilted this quilt a few weeks ago.  At first, it looks random, but if you look at […]

Mary’s Civil War Stars Quilt

I haven’t been able to show this finish to you since it was featured in the Nov/Dec edition of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine but now that the edition has passed, I knew you’d want to see it a little better. First, I need to tell you a little about Mary who pieced this civil war […]

Displaying Vintage Quilt Top Segments

On a recent trip through a local thrift store I saw these vintage quilt displays made out of old mirror frames. I love them! What an incredible idea. Don’t you love how it enhances both the mirror frame and the quilt top. This would be especially effective on a quilt top that has holes or […]

Vintage Wreath Appliquéd Custom Quilt

One of my customers had this quilt top which was made by her late husband’s Aunt. It is hand appliquéd.  Unfortunately the white fabric used in the top is very thin so we talked about how this quilt would be a wonderful showcase to custom quilting but that it isn’t going to live a long life […]

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Quilt

Peter to Pay Paul quilt

Aren’t the various names for quilt blocks funny? Most all have more than one name and even depending on the region you are living in, the name will be different. This quilt top was made with blocks called Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. Can you see how one block uses the fabric from a neighboring […]

Pink Hexagon Quilt

(A reminder that you can click on each photo a see it a bit bigger). This Pink Hexagon Quilt was made by Fay’s husband’s grandmother. She has a bunch of tops made by this prolific piecer that she wants quilted eventually. You can see it her first unquilted. There are some small fullness issues but, […]

Sandy’s 30’s Dresden Plate

Take a look at this cheery 1930’s Dresden Plate sampler quilt.  Isn’t it sunny and fun? Sandy made this one and asked me to do an all over, edge to edge design on it and we thought the Spin Panto would be perfect.  It gives it some movement and play that works nicely on the […]

Doug’s Great Grandmother’s Quilt Top

Doug brought me this quilt top his great grandmother made. He wanted to honor her memory by getting it finished. The top was in rough shape in places. None of the seams were popped but the quilt had lots of stains. We didn’t want to wash it beforehand due to all those unstable edges on […]

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt

Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

  I’m back!  The past week was interesting here in Kentucky.  Hurricane Ike sent us a massive wind storm and 60% of the region lost power. School was cancelled for the entire week, so I got almost nothing done.  Yesterday I started to get caught up. This is Wendy’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  She found […]

New Life For This Antique Quilt

Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Amy’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt is finally done! This top needed LOTS of TLC. It was hand-quilted, and some of the pieces had come undone. Much repair work was needed on the edges and patchwork. The quilt top had also fallen victim to some water stains over its lifetime and I hope Amy will be able […]

Quilt Rescue

Vintage double wedding ring quilt in need of rescue

This double wedding ring quilt top is in pretty bad shape – you can see how frayed the edges are. It belongs to my cousin. I’ve stay-stitched the edges to stabilize the top so that I could wash it. I was hoping some of the stains would come out, but they are set in. I’ve done […]