Lots of Squares!

Lattice of Love quilt, pieced by Rena and machine quilted at Quilted Joy

There a large variety of shapes that go into quilts. These next quilts show off a few examples of what can be done with squares. Each is unique and beautiful in their own way. Lynn has made these first two quilts for her granddaughters. The design is called Vegetable Soup and she used vintage styled […]

Anita’s Vintage Split Rail Fence

Split rail fence is a classic quilt pattern with many variations. The individual block consists of a set of stripes. The blocks are then arranged in a variety of ways to create different patterns.

The great thing about arts like quilting that have been around for a long time, is seeing all the different ways a single design can be altered to create a unique design that is nearly unrecognizable compared to other variations of the same design. Anita created a variation of a split rail fence that I […]