Christmas in July at Quilted Joy

I have noticed that quilters tend to be very generous people.  We all know how much money goes into a quilt. To give one away is an expensive gift. But yet, we do it all the time.  We enjoy it!  We plan ahead and create these gifts months in advance because we love to make […]

Our Longarm Renters Show Us the Beauty in Gray

Laura's grey bedspread quilt after quilting it on a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

Gray is often a color that gets a bad reputation. Gray skies are seen as depressing or signaling an impending storm. When someone is referred to as “gray”, they mean they are old or infirm. But gray can be a truly beautiful color. A neutral color, it can be mixed with just about anything to mute and subdue […]

Different Styles of T-shirt Quilts

Pamela rented a longarm quilting machine to quilt this Rafting themed Tshirt Quilt

There are lots of different styles of T-shirt quilts and they are all the rage today. You can get a t-shirt at any event, sometimes included with the price of admission. Keeping all those shirts can really take a lot of room in your storage spaces and for what? You might never wear them again. The following […]

Longarm Renters Have Fun with Geometry

Jennifer quilted this Maze quilt on a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

What I love about quilting is the sheer volume of potential patterns that can be used in a top. I have seen quilts made from photographs, from graphic artist’s designs, and from landscapes. If you can see it or even imagine it, you can create it in fabric. The longarm machine renters who come in to the […]