Our Renters Make Fabulous Quilts with Simple Blocks!

T-shirt quilt for a teenage girl.

Intricate complicated piecing designs are amazing to look at. These are the show stoppers that demand attention at competitions or hanging on your living room wall. But not every quilt needs to be ornate. A lot of times, we just want a warm quilt to curl up in on a cold winter’s evening. The following […]

A Quilt Fit for a Soccer Star

Sue asked me to quilt this awesome soccer jersey quilt! I was so impressed with the way she played with the sashing and cornerstones, and how she cut some of the jerseys in really surprising ways.

What’s the perfect gift for a soccer star who has it all? A T-shirt quilt made with their jerseys of course! What do you think of Sue’s Soccer Jersey quilt? I love the black and white sashing and cornerstones. The nine-patch blocks remind me of the pattern on a traditional soccer ball. Isn’t that clever? At […]

Three Ways to Go

How fun is Judy's Pins and Paws quilt? She quilted it with a bubbles design board at Quilted Joy

There is never just one way to do something right, especially with artistic endeavors. Multiple choices should be seen as multiple opportunities to try something new. With longarm quilting there are so many choices to be made like thread, color, density, and design. In fact, our renters have three different ways to quilt their quilts. […]

Judy’s Cycling T-shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt

Recently Judy dropped off this massive T-shirt quilt for quilting. There’s 30 shirts in the top and each shirt was cut into about a 12″ square. As you can see from the pictures, most of these shirts are from cycling events. And some of the events are from around the world, including this one from […]

Baby Quilts, T-shirts, & More!

Catch up with Quilted Joy's renters and the quilts they're working on!

Each of our longarm renters is at a different place in his or her quilting journey. Some are just getting started while others have been making quilts their whole lives. As a result I get to see a smorgasbord of quilts, styles, skill levels and more. Read on for four quilters working on very different quilts. Jean is quickly becoming one […]

Renters are Getting Into the Groove!

See what the longarm renters at Quilted Joy have been up to lately!

First up we have Carol who worked on two quilts in one day. Carol used to have her own longarm machine, but after downsizing to a smaller home she sold it. She was so happy to get back into the longarm world when she discovered our rental program! Carol said she has a huge pile […]

Soccer Jersey Quilt

Karee made this soccer jersey quilt for her grandson. Quilter Angela Huffman added a simple meander to finish the quilting. - QuiltedJoy.com

Can you guess Karee’s grandson’s favorite sport?? This was Karee’s fourth Christmas present she brought me to quilt, and it was probably the biggest. In fact, we had a some folks in the shop while getting these pictures wondering what kind of bed this quilt would go on. For those of you scratching your heads […]

A Christmas Quilt and Newbie Renters

Our renters are always working on such fun quilts! - QuiltedJoy.com

Now that it’s December, it’s definitely time to get into the Christmas spirit! Or at least just a little bit :). When Coleen pulled out this quilt top, Kelsey was ecstatic!   Watching A Christmas Story multiple times during its 24 hour marathon on TV is one of Kelsey’s family traditions, so that leg lamp focus panel had her spouting […]

Cheerleading Shirt Quilt

My client made this for her daughter in law who was big into cheerleader when she was younger.  She wanted to make her a snuggly, special quilt for the couch and I like how it turned out.  I am especially fond of the black/white stripey sashing. It gives it a real kick, eh?

Tis the Season for Graduation T-shirt Quilts

This is the time of year I get lots of tshirt quilts in to make for graduation gifts. First I cut out all the shirts and stabilize them with non woven fusible interfacing. Next, I start arranging the shirts on my design wall to get a good balance of color. This one was made for […]

Tshirt Quilt for High School Graduation

Here’s a t-shirt quilt I recently did for a football player who is graduating from high school. I was able to use the football jerseys just by stabilizing the fabric with non woven fusible interfacing. It worked out great.  First I pinned up the blocks to my design wall. (You can see in this photo […]

Mary Anne’s Yellow Ohio Star

Mary Anne made this quilt as a gift and it is going to a woman who grew up around Louisville but no longer lives here When it was time to pick out the appropriate all over, edge-to-edge quilting pattern it made sense to use the Funky Fleur De Lis pantograph. After all, Louisville’s city symbol […]

Mary’s Tshirt Quilt For Her Son

  Take a look at how much work Mary put into making this great Tshirt quilt for her son. What a labor of love, eh? I will occasionally have people call me asking how much it would be to take 100 shirts and cut only small bits of each one to make a tshirt quilt. […]

College T-shirt Quilt

  I’ve been working hard on a number of Tshirt quilts that people have ordered for Christmas. This one was for a North Carolina grad and the backing was a luscious light blue minkee fabric. If you haven’t felt minkee you are missing out. It feels like chinchilla fur.  You just want to snuggle in it! Working […]

Karla’s son’s tshirt quilt

  I made this tshirt quilt for Karla’s son’s graduation. She included her son’s baby blanket and baby cloth that I used in two of the blocks in the final row on the quilt. My kids were so funny when they saw this quilt. GooseyGirl made me promise not to cut up her lovey blankie when […]

Killer Bunnies, Christmas Tree Quilt and Update on Oscar the Kitten

I feel like a cheesy TV commercial. It’s CHRISTMAS IN JULY! 🙂 This is Sarah’s Christmas tree quilt wall hanging. I love modern quilts like this. The bold graphic contrast with the small bits of red that really pop and grab the eye. Won’t this be striking on her wall? She chose an all over […]