Playful and Colorful Renter Quilts!

Judy's Off Centered Around the World Quilt made with half square triangles, quilted at Quilted Joy

A lot of quilts come into this studio, but what really gets everyone “oohing” and “ahhing” tends to be bright and colorful quilts. What can I say, I love color! Quilts are excellent spaces to explore and use color to the extreme. These quilts were chosen for this post because the quilters had some fun […]

There are No Teams in Quilting!

There are no teams in quilting! Our renters come from all different backgrounds and team loyalties, but we have one thing in common - our love of quilting!

In my last post about renters, I told you about Erin. Well, she came right back in after her certification class to quilt two big guys! This first one was made from scraps of her husband’s quilts. She joked that she needed to run to the store after her rental because one of the shirts she […]