Triangle Grid Design with Denise’s Quilt

There are many quilts that are beautiful because of the complicated nature of the piecing.  Either with the diminutive size of the individual pieces or the angles that go into the placement of them, it doesn’t matter.  Creating a beautifully pieced quilt can be very rewarding.  But not all quilts are like that.  Some are […]

These Renters Love Triangles!

Valerie's Sequoia Quilt. She quilted this at Quilted Joy!

I’m always talking about shapes here. Shapes are what make up the patterns of all quilts. Circles, squares, rectangles, even hexagons are used in quilting. These quilts are made up of triangles. Take a look! The first quilt is from Valerie called “Sequoia”. She made it with colors of the University of Louisville for her […]

Our Renters Play with Shapes

Colleen used fun alphabet fabrics to make a super cute quilt for her grandkids! She played with the quilting and even added letters and words throughout!

The thing that makes quilting so much fun is the variety and possibilities that are out there of what you can do. From time honored classics, to more modern works of art, quilts come in all shapes and sizes. The following are a couple of quilts that used shapes as their inspiration. Kim created this […]

Mountain Memories

Karee's abstract sampler quilt. Longarm quilting by Angela Huffman with the Lake Susan Pantograph -

Karee was practicing with triangles when she made this abstract sampler quilt. If you look closely you can see some familiar blocks, like pinwheels and friendship stars, stretched out and warped just enough to look new and different. We think she made this with a specialty ruler for playing with triangles. If you know which […]