Quilting with Invisible Threads

Have you tried quilting with invisible threads? If you haven’t yet, you might be surprised by them! Invisible or monofilament threads have a bit of a bad reputation. They used to be heavy, stiff, and super strong. The invisible threads of today are still strong, but they’re softer, thinner, and quilt beautifully. Even better, they […]

Which Color Thread Should I Use in High-Contrast Quilts?

Quilters make many choices when quilting their quilts. Here, Angela discusses how to pick the perfect thread to quilt a high-contrast quilt.

Question from a Quilted Joy Blog reader: “I was hoping you could discuss in your blog thread choices for high contrast quilts. I keep getting red and whites, black with various colors but also white, scrappy and no two match. How do I choose threads for high contrast quilts?” -Kelli There are so many quilt […]

NEW! The Angela Huffman Essentials

The Angela Huffman Essentials from Glide

If you’ve ever talked to me about thread you probably already know I have a number of favorite threads I like to use for quilting. One of my favorite 40 weight polyester threads is Glide! It has a slight sheen that reminds me of a good pair of diamond earrings – it catches the eye […]