Longarm Renters Show Off Beginner to Advanced Quilting Levels

Starla's Slanted Star Quilt, quilted on a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

There are many things that I feel make quilting one of the best hobbies to have. What we make is very useful. It can even save a life from hypothermia! Can a cross stitch do that? I don’t think so. There is room for all levels. A beginner can make a lot of mistakes and […]

Fabric Stash Busting Ideas From Our Longarm Machine Renters

Vickie Longarm Machine Certification Class

I heard a joke once about people like me. You would not expect a coin collector to use his collection at a vending machine. You would not expect a stamp collector to mail a letter with his stamps. So why do people ask me what I’m going to make with my fabric? All joking aside, […]