Quilting the Blues with our renters

Judy Tumbler Block Quilt

Color has long been tied to emotions. Red is anger, jealously is green, yellow is considered cheerful and happy, etc. Why is blue sad? Doesn’t a bright blue sky make you happy? The deep blue sea can make you feel nostalgic or ponder deep thoughts. Blue is a beautiful color that does not make me […]

Jelly Roll Race Quilt by Misty

Jelly Roll Race Quilt, longarm quilting by Angela Huffman

Jelly Roll Race Quilts can be a lot of fun to make because they don’t require what could be argued is the hardest part of quilting – measuring and cutting. For those of you new to quilting, a jelly roll is a bundle of 40 some odd precut fabric strips from one line of fabric. […]

Cutting apart a Panel can Make for Creative Art

Mary's Dr. Seuss Quilt after renting a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

Some people look at panels and think “This is cheating. It takes no skill at all to make a quilt with a panel. It is someone else’s art.” I think you can look at the following quilts and agree that those statements could not be further from the truth. Panels are extremely useful and beautiful […]