Itty Bitty Pieces Make Spectacular Quilt Tops

Dennis shows off his bright primary colored Pinwheel Block Quilt

The following longarm machine renters created quilts using itty bitty little pieces. It can take a lot of time to piece a quilt. Using larger pieces can cut some of that time out. But the result of all those little pieces is amazing! Judy works with itty bitty pieces Judy made these sweet little quilts […]

Split Rail Quilts from the Renters

AnnaMaria made this Split Rail Fence quilt with pastel batik fabrics.

Split rails are a type of quilt that involves a set of strips cut into a square to form a block. The arrangement and orientation of those blocks then forms the design of the quilt. As simple as this may sound and as easy as they are to create, the designs and the options you […]

Anita’s Vintage Split Rail Fence

Split rail fence is a classic quilt pattern with many variations. The individual block consists of a set of stripes. The blocks are then arranged in a variety of ways to create different patterns.

The great thing about arts like quilting that have been around for a long time, is seeing all the different ways a single design can be altered to create a unique design that is nearly unrecognizable compared to other variations of the same design. Anita created a variation of a split rail fence that I […]

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