Gymnastics Tshirt Quilt

I think I mentioned before that this is the busiest time of year for T-shirt quilts, right? ūüôā This one was made for a gymnastics enthusiast. She had lots of shirts from her long career and I think this quilt turned out great.¬† We decided to put the pantograph called Spin on it as it […]

Sandy’s 30’s Dresden Plate

Take a look at this cheery 1930’s Dresden Plate sampler quilt.¬† Isn’t it sunny and fun? Sandy made this one and asked me to do an all over, edge to edge design on it and we thought the Spin Panto would be perfect.¬† It gives it some movement and play that works nicely on the […]

Arline’s Fire Escape Quilt

Arline is in my local quilt guild, Louisville Nimble Thimbles. I love our guild! It is full of friendly, kind and oh-so-talented quilters. Our members enjoy free classes and lectures all year long. Last fall I taught a class on the Fire Escape quilt pattern by one of my favorite designers, Terry Atkinson. Bunches of […]

Sarah’s Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt

This is Sarah’s other vintage family top she brought me. It is a Dresden Plate variation and some areas were in pretty rough shape. It looked like all the pieces of the plates were scraps from other projects too. I love that! We decided an all over, edge to edge¬†would¬†look best and Sarah chose the […]

Terah’s Butterfly Quilt

  Here’s the butterfly quilt who’s scraps were made into the log cabin I showed you in the prior post. This quilt was made for an auction that will raise money to fight juvenile diabetes. Terah’s family has a young girl who is fighting juvenile diabetes and she picked out the pattern and the fabric […]

Leslie’s Froggie Love Quilt

Leslie has made a few quilts using this Madeira Heart pattern designed by Karen Fox and taught at the Smocking Shop. It has become quite popular and is so simple to put together. I love the high visual contrast Leslie achieved through a simple two color palate.   Leslie chose a really fun froggie fabric […]

Wendy’s Super Saturday Quilt

Wendy owns one of my local quilt shop gems, Among Friends Quilt Shop, here in Louisville. She has a program at her shop called Super Saturday. This is the quilt for that program! Each month the participants get a new block pattern and it is a great way for newbies to grow their skills. At […]

Debbie’s Modern Green Bean Casserole Quilt

Okay, so Debbie doesn’t know that I’ve renamed her quilt the Green Bean Casserole but a funky quilt deserve a funky name, right?¬† Plus, what would Christmas be without Green Bean Casserole? Seriously, though, this quilt is a graphic delight. I really love the black and white quilts with strong contrast. Debbie chose the Spin […]

Maderia Hearts Quilt Times Three

Here are the three Madeira Heart quilts I completed recently for Leslie. She made one for each grandchild. These quilts are from one of the best quilting teachers in Louisville, Karen Fox. She teaches at the Smocking Shop and is just the BEST! If you get a chance to take one of her classes, do […]

Linda’s Bright Sampler Quilt

You know how everyone has a personal fabric style? It is the section of the fabric store that sucks you in and makes your eyes dance. My friend Jennie Beth is drawn to romantic, muted florals. I also have a friend, Vicki, who adores Robyn Pandolph. For me, I adore brights and batiks. They make […]

Jelly Roll Strip Quilt, Pickety Sticks, is One Great Newbie Quilt!

There are some quilt patterns that are perfect for beginners and this is one of them. It is called Pickety Sticks. It is also perfect for those popular Jelly Rolls. This quilt belongs to the owner of one of my local quilt shops, Wendy, at Among Friends. She taught it as a class last week. […]

Monsters In My Bed Quilt for a Lucky Boy!

This is Kathy’s fun monster quit for a lucky boy. My favorite part of this quilt is the eye ball fabric used in the outer border.¬† Love that! The monster faces used in each of the blocks is also used for the backing. This quilt is bright, fun, carefree and will make a little boy […]

Split Nine Patch Quilt

Linda brought me this fun and funky quilt that I think is a Split Nine Patch. The best quilting for a busy quilt is usually an edge to edge design. I looked for a pattern that would be whimsical and funky just like this quilt!

Isn’t this quilt fun and funky? I think it is called a split nine patch. This is Linda’s quilt and I love how whimsical it looks.¬† It was fun to check out all the different fabrics she used,¬†many of which are in my own stash! This quilt is a smallish twin and uses one of […]

Linda’s Pinwheel Quilt

Pinwheel Quilt

Linda’s Pinwheel quilt is one of those quilts that takes on a whole new look as you step back from it.¬† I love the look all of those pinwheel blocks have together.¬† The movement they give each other and the overall strength of the high contrast really works in quilts like this. One of the […]

Amish Shadow

Amish Shadow Quilt

This is Misty’s Amish Shadow quilt.¬† She is giving it to a very lucky boy!¬† It is a decent sized quilt and looks great with the Spin edge-to-edge pattern quilted across the top. I also did machine applied binding for her.¬† Many of my clients prefer that I make and apply their binding.¬† In this […]

Lillies and Log Cabins

Water Lillies

I pulled this off the frame last week and delivered it Monday to my client, Sandy. She had found some home dec fabric she wanted quilted to use on in her master bedroom. ¬†The front was water lilies. ¬†I used an allover, edge-to-edge quilting design called Spin. It really gave the illusion of water and […]