Three Memorial Quilts from our Longarm Renters

Hand embroidered blocks on a memorial quilt for a school

Some of us are hoarders. We like to keep things that have long past their usefulness. But how do you throw away something that reminds you of happy times? How do you throw away something you’ve held onto for decades? Some of us just can’t do it. But then the question is what do we […]

Gender Neutral Quilts from the Renters

Kathleen's ombre wall hanging, quilted at Quilted Joy

Every quilt has a theme. Whether it is done with the color, or the quilting pattern or a print in the fabric, every quilt has a vibe that appeals to one person or another. For whatever reason, it is very common and very easy to make a feminine or girly quilt. Pinks, flowers, hearts, etc. […]

Anita’s Sunny Skies Quilt

Anita took the Sunny Skies Quilt pattern and made it her own! She brought this super cute scrappy quilt to Angela Huffman for some simple meander quilting.

Take a look at Anita’s super cute quilt! This looks a lot like Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s Sunny Skies quilt, but Anita mixed it up a little. Instead of squares in the background arranged like a checkerboard, she made big squares in a square on point expanding out to the border. Doesn’t it create a […]

Beverly’s Scrap Buster

Many Trips Around the World Quilt

Here’s a quilt that will really help you clear out that fabric stash! Beverly brought me this fun scrappy quilt for a simple quilting treatment. This looks to me like Bonnie Hunter’s Many Trips Around the World quilt. All those small pieces would be my first clue that this must be a Bonnie Hunter pattern! […]

How to Prepare a Quilting Plan for a Scrappy Quilt

This customer quilt has lots of busy floral fabrics. Angela talks about the thought process when preparing a quilting plan for this scrappy quilt.

Virginia recently brought this top in for me to quilt.  Look at all these gorgeous floral fabrics!  With so much going on visually, developing a quilting plan can be challenging.  Here’s how we made choices for this quilt. First, Virginia knew that she wanted the quilting to have an overall nature theme with all those […]

There are No Teams in Quilting!

There are no teams in quilting! Our renters come from all different backgrounds and team loyalties, but we have one thing in common - our love of quilting!

In my last post about renters, I told you about Erin. Well, she came right back in after her certification class to quilt two big guys! This first one was made from scraps of her husband’s quilts. She joked that she needed to run to the store after her rental because one of the shirts she […]

Quilt Rescue

Vintage double wedding ring quilt in need of rescue

This double wedding ring quilt top is in pretty bad shape – you can see how frayed the edges are. It belongs to my cousin. I’ve stay-stitched the edges to stabilize the top so that I could wash it. I was hoping some of the stains would come out, but they are set in. I’ve done […]