Take a look at our new sign. Happy New Year! We’ll reopen on Jan 2!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. My kidlets stayed still long enough to get a quick photo on Christmas Eve. I’m so incredibly blessed to have them in my life.  We got a new sign installed Christmas Eve! It was the present I’ve been waiting on for weeks and it looks great. It should […]

A Playdate with triplets- tigers and human plus a kanga and an ocelot!

I am still on a complete high! Last night I surprised my kidlets with an early Christmas gift. They had no idea where we were going as we headed to Southern Indiana last night. I told them it was a surprise and they guessed we were going to play laser tag. They also thought we […]

My Kidlets Are Now Freshmen!

This morning my kidlets “graduated” from 8th grade and are now Freshmen! I’m so proud of them. All three got straight A’s, Presidential Academic Awards and high honors. They are WAY smarter than me and I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments.

RocketMan Takes the Blue & Purple Ribbon!

The Kentucky State Fair opened today and the kidlets went over to see if any of their entry’s won ribbons. RocketMan won a First Place, Blue ribbon AND a Purple Rosette for Best Quilted Junior Entry! I’m so proud! My other two kidlets won ribbons too and I’ll post those in a separate post!

RocketMan Wins Second Place Ribbon!

My little RocketMan won second place at MQS, the national quilting show in Kansas City! I’m so proud of him! BirdMan also had a quilt in the show but his didn’t win, unfortunately. That’s okay, though, he’s got his sights set on the Ky State Fair competition! Look out, here he comes!

Circus With The Kidlets

Recently we went to the circus and we typically go every year. I just love it! When the kidlets were small it seemed like every year we’d always have at least one sick kid during circus time. Thankfully this year they were all healthy. We got there a little late and the circus had already […]

Scrappy Batik and Sewing with My Boys in the QJ Studio

Boys sewing

Amy is a relatively new quilter who made this massive scrappy batik quilt. I think it measured 115 x 120 or so. It was a very, very big quilt. But isn’t it lovely? I think the thing that pulls it all together is the black and white striped inner border. I love how bold it […]

Adventures in Dollywood

All those weeks I didn’t post over the summer were full of plenty of adventures. One of them was our trip to Dollywood. I had never been to this theme park and while it is on the small side, it is FULL of fantastic coasters and lots of fun, smaller rides. It was super hot […]

The whole family got ribbons at the Ky State Fair!!

I am so excited!! The whole family got ribbons at the Ky State Fair this year in quilting!! GooseyGirl won first place, a blue ribbon, in the Junior Division, Quilt Block category! She also won first place in the Junior Quilt Division AND got the “Best Quilting Award” in the junior division. Her quilt got […]

I’m back and 7th grade has begun!

Well, that was the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken from blogging over the last 6 years. I really needed the break. We’ve been swamped and I’ve simply been trying to keep my head above water for the last month. We moved into our new home. The kitchen is almost finished with the remodel. We went […]

My sons win at MQX East- a national Quilting Competition!

APQS Millennium

This week is the always awesome MQX show in Providence, Rhode Island. You may remember that my kidlets decided to enter the show this year. Here is a post showing RocketMan working on his entry, BirdMan finishing his entry and GooseyGirl showing off her skills. Well…. Rocketman won 4th place with his “Playing with Fire” […]

Pam’s Birthday Present Quilt

Isn’t this Birthday Present Quilt wonderful? Pam made this with pink, black and white fabrics. I especially love the cow fabric. She wanted the quilt to resemble birthday presents and we were both thrilled with how the Oodles of Doodles 2 pantograph looks stitched out on her top. This is my new favorite panto and […]

RocketMan Finishes His National Quilting Competition Entry

RocketMan is already an award winning quilter. Two years ago he won a purple Best of Show ribbon at the Ky State Fair and a Blue ribbon too. He is fastidious enough to have very precise seam allowances and has a good eye for color. He is entering this rail fence quilt he made in […]

GooseyGirl on my APQS Millennium!

GooseyGirl is quilting her entry for MQX. I took the Intelliquilter off for her which is why the dock above the machine looks empty. She is stressed (which you can tell by the hunching she is doing) but having fun. RocketMan is piecing his entry right now! Quilted Joy Blog Stop by QuiltedJoy.com for design […]

Anna’s Garden Checkerboard and a Triplet Halloween

  Anna brought me this beautiful garden checkerboard quilt. She wanted it custom quilted and we picked out the motifs she liked for each square and border. Dont’ miss the miter she painstakingly crafted with the rose striped fabric on the outer border. I know that must have taken time to get right. It is […]

A Visit to the Land of Lincoln

The kidlets, my mom and I got the opportunity to spend some time in Springfield, IL. I was there to do some machine demos for American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS). While there, we toured Lincoln’s home, museum and tomb. It was fascinating. I really enjoyed seeing his home. The museum was tremendous. The kidlets favorite […]

RocketMan Won a Medal!

When RocketMan was about 4 he could count very high and he became giddy whenever we talked about numbers. One day we took him to a buffalo farm and walked around looking at all the animals. He loved seeing those huge “cows” and thoroughly enjoyed his day. Near the end of the day, we went […]

KY State Fair Ribbons for the Whole Family!

Tonight we went to the KY State Fair to check on our entries! I even had a dream last night about the State Fair (what a geek, eh?) The first entry we checked was GooseyGirl’s pastel bird drawing. She drew an oriole. The drawing itself didn’t win a ribbon but it is in a very […]

Making a Photoshop Postcard

Here’s my latest JP lesson from her fabulous Photoshop Frame Ups class.  This photo is of my triplets at Great Wolf Lodge. If you haven’t been to the Lodge, I highly recommend it. (Sign up for the e-newsletter and you’ll get coupon codes). My kids absolutely adore this place! We’ve been about 5 times so […]

Storyboard Clipping Masks in Photoshop

Who knew Photoshop could be so much fun?  Here is GooseyGirl and RocketMan on the beach in South Carolina a couple years ago. They built a sand castle together and were so proud of their efforts. I try to highlight their sibling relationship and not always focus on the “group” so I’m especially pleased with […]

Burning the Edges of a Photo

Quilters are visual people, no doubt about it. One of the best tricks a quilter has to enhance a pattern is careful color selection and placement. It is always heart breaking to me to see a quilt where the piecer has obviously spent a lot of time and effort to make a well crafted top […]

Hand Tinted Photo Lesson

I’m taking a great Photoshop class from Jessica Sprague and loving all the stuff I’m learning. I wish she did this for Dreamweaver! This lesson was how to create a vintage, hand tinted look to a photo. Here’s the photo I started with: And here’s my attempt at a vintage, hand tinted look: Hmmmmm….. I’m […]

Brothers Goofing Off Makes My Heart Smile

I’m gonna put up Nonnie’s finished quilt in a bit but right now I wanted to share my Lesson 2 of the Photoshop class I’m taking from Jessica Sprague. It is all about using brushes in Photoshop! I wish she had Dreamweaver classes, too!  Anyone know of good online Dreamweaver classes? I’m so excited! Quilted […]

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