Quilting Buddies Come to Quilted Joy

Friends rent longarm quilting machines at Quilted Joy to make the quilting even more fun!

Quilting can be a very solitary activity. But isn’t everything better when you can do it with a friend? Here at Quilted Joy, we have five longarm quilting machines that we rent. We will often get pairs of ladies that come in together to quilt. They each have their own machine, and they’ll chat and […]

Quilting Friends Come Together at Quilted Joy

Four friends joined us in the Quilted Joy showroom to take their rental certification class together - QuiltedJoy.com

We had a group of four friends drive all the way from Bardstown, KY to take their rental certification together. This meant we had a full house with almost every machine running! Normally I won’t have this many quilters in for the certification. I learned pretty quickly that with all the new skills we’re covering, […]

More new baby longarm machine quilters were hatched!

I get so excited for our new longarm machine renters. I love that they can finish one of their own quilt tops the very first time they touch a longarm quilting machine here at the APQS longarm quilting showroom. They get a sense of accomplishment and I get a contact high. 🙂 Here are just […]

Video Tour of new APQS Showroom inside Quilted Joy Studios

I did a quick video tour of the showroom for you so you can see all the progress that has happened over the last month. Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter so you are notified any time we add new classes or events. Get in here! You will LOVE it!

Take a look at what these brand new longarm quilters did!

Yesterday was a busy day in the showroom. We had three brand new longarm quilters learning on our APQS machines and they are now certified to rent the machines. Plus, the classroom was filled with a mini-group having fun spending the day chatting and sewing together. Liz made this great modern chevron quilt using the […]

Tell these two new longarm quilters what a great job they did!

Saturday we had another Longarm Certification class and these two ladies brought in their own quilt tops to finish during the class. They did a GREAT job! Can you believe they’d never used a machine before. Both used the APQS Millennium on Bliss. Colleen chose an orange peel design for her cute as a button […]

Busy Weekend with lots of new longarmers!

The APQS showroom was super busy this Saturday. We had two new renters getting certified and one renter finishing up a quilt she’d started a couple of weeks ago. Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page as I normally post more photos over there. Cynthia finished up her rainbow quilt on the Millennium using the […]