Marjorie’s Cross-Stitch Quilt

Cross Stitch Quilt

  Every so often, a customer brings me a stamped cross-stitch top to quilt. These quilts often have been sitting in closets for years, waiting for attention, and it’s time to give them the love they deserve! Marjorie’s top was 100″ by 100″ with the more recently added borders. She was so delighted to get […]

Quilting with Marianne Fons

Angela Huffman and Marianne Fons on the set of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

To all of my Kentucky friends, new episodes of Fon’s & Porter’s Love of Quilting will be back on KET (Kentucky’s local PBS station) this Saturday morning at 11:30am EST. I had the honor to guest host this episode with Marianne Fons herself. This was the first episode we taped with me as the guest, […]

Debbie’s Friendship Quilt

Debbie's quilt

Debbie’s Friendship Quilt came off the frame this weekend. I’m really happy with it!  She made this quilt for a friend, and let me tell you, that is one lucky friend! I did some curvy whirlwinds in the blocks formed by the horizontal and vertical lines.  I put a flower star in the square on square […]