Memorial Shirt Block Quilt

You know how everyone looks for a job where they can feel like they make a difference? There are so many times in my quilting when I absolutely KNOW that I have made a difference. This next quilt is one of those times. I am making a memorial quilt to help a family celebrate a […]

Sandy’s Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed Quilt

Okay, I’ve been stringing you on long enough!  Here is a wide shot of Sandy’s amazing 5 Little Monkey’s quilt.  I was stunned the first time I saw it.  How could you not be knocked out? She did some stellar machine embroidery work on this quilt.  I hope she enters it in a show somewhere […]

Stripey Dotted Roses & Another Peep At Sandy’s Monkeys!

You’ve heard of a progressive dinner, right? Well, this next beauty is a bit like a progressive quilting project. Jen made this from a quilt kit she bought in Paducah and really loved the irregular border.  It is another good example showing how to mix stripes and dots, isn’t it? I did an all over […]

Margarita Sunrise Jelly Roll Quilt & A Peek At Some Monkeys

I promised you a glimpse of Sandy’s over-the-top kiddo quilt but first, I want to show you her dots and stripes quilt. I really admire her ability to pick colors and fabric.  I always look at those stripe fabrics and think how cute they are; however, when I go to use them I can’t always […]

Jelly Roll Strip Quilt & Coneflower Four Patch

Suzanna adorned her neutral quilt top in such soothing colors.  I love the color combination she chose with her fabrics.  It is a quilt that just speaks gently.  I’ve been calling it the “Rectangle Road” quilt, but I’m sure she has a better title.  This is a great strip quilt pattern that could make good use of […]

Silk Bow Tie Memorial Quilt & A Batik Beauty

I can’t believe how beautiful the silk fabric is on these bow ties I’m piecing into a memorial quilt. Each tie has its own story from the Christmas themed tie to the funky 1970’s-fashion statement tie. FUN! Here are the steps I’ve been doing to prepare the silk bow ties for piecing. First I separate […]

Meandering T-Shirt Quilting & A Log Cabin Variation

Here’s Kris’ T-shirt quilt: bound and ready to be delivered to her tomorrow!     I did an overall meander that added some great texture to her t-shirt quilt.  This type of quilting would be easy to do on your domestic sewing machine as well.  Just think of it as puzzles pieces or a wandering path […]

Judy’s Rail Fence & A Precious Baby Quilt

I just love it when I get to quilt someone’s very first quilt.  They have such a great sense of accomplishment!  I know I was so proud of my first wall hanging. In fact, it still hangs on my wall to this day.  Wavy, pouchy, bumpy goodness and all. This is Judy’s first quilt.  Let […]

Purses Quilt & Non-Traditional Baby Quilt

Sarah's Purses Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

Sarah’s purses quilt is finished!  Yeah! I tried to take photos of the purses but the background filler on the white fabric is freaking my camera out and the stitches aren’t showing.  You can, however, see the daisy chain in the inner pink border. This quilt was so much fun to work on and I […]

The Irish Chain Grows Feathers!

The Irish Chain quilt Jennie Beth asked me to quilt is starting to grow some glorious feathers in its border. Take a peek at my progress and learn about my big announcement!

Jennie Beth’s quilt now has feathers in the outside border and wavy interconnected lines through all of the one-inch pieces in the middle. If you click here, you’ll see the drawing I did on her quilt to show her the ideas I had for her quilt top. She chose the version with more traditional feathers. […]